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Susan McArthur is a successful bilingual businesswoman with 35 years of experience across the finance, real estate technology, and insurance sectors.  She has served as a corporate director for a number of Canadian public companies and is a past Chair of the Canada Revenue Agency Board of Management. Her knowledge and expertise will bring a much-needed perspective as the Canadian economy recovers from the pandemic.  

Susan is also an avid volunteer and a highly engaged community member. In support of Canada’s military, she participated in two True Patriot Love expeditions to raise funds for wounded veterans and their families. Susan skied to the magnetic North Pole and hiked Mackenzie’s grease trail in B.C. to honour and support Canada’s troops. Susan believes strongly in public service and was recently asked by the Government of Ontario to Chair the Ontario Workforce Recovery Advisory Committee.   

Susan has been active in the Conservative Party since its inception and was the Ontario campaign co-chair for the party’s first general election. Her conservative roots run deep as her great-grandfather, PD McArthur was National President of the Progressive Conservative Party in 1944, and a candidate in Chateauguay – Huntingdon.  He was also a prominent Ayrshire dairy farmer.  Susan was a member of the Conservative Party’s first National Council.  

Susan completed the Rotman School of Management ICD program and is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario.  

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