News Release: Susan McArthur and the Conservatives have a plan to help seniors in Glengarry–Prescott–Russell

CASSELMAN, ON: Today, the Conservative candidate in Glengarry–Prescott–Russell, Mrs. Susan McArthur, outlined the Conservative plan for Canadian seniors.

“COVID-19 has shown for all to see the failures of our Long-Term Care system. And the aging of our population represents an enormous long-term challenge. We owe it those who built Canada to give them the best quality of life and the best care possible” said Mrs. McArthur.

Susan McArthur and the Conservatives will:

1- Help Seniors Stay in their Own Homes or with their children by:

  • Amending the Home Accessibility Tax Credit by increasing the limit from $10,000 per dwelling to $10,000 per person.
  • Allowing seniors or their caregivers, including their children, to claim the Medical Expense Tax Credit for home care instead of only allowing them to claim attendant care if they live in a group home.
  • Introducing the Canada Seniors Care Benefit, paying $200 per month per household to any Canadian who is living with and taking care of a parent over the age of 70.

2- Fix Long-Term Care by:

  • Inviting the provinces to work with us to develop a set of best practices for Long-Term Care homes.
  • Devoting $3 billion of infrastructure funding over the next three years to renovate Long-Term Care Homes in all provinces and territories across Canada to improve the care that residents receive.
  • Encouraging partnerships with private non-profits that have historically provided a significant amount of Long-Term Care.
  • Boosting the Number of Personal Support Workers by Providing priority in immigration programs to those who can work in Long-Term Care or homecare.

3- Make Work Pay for Our Seniors by:

  • Conservatives will double the Canada Workers Benefit up to a maximum of $2,800 for individuals or $5,000 for families and pay it as a quarterly direct deposit rather than a tax refund at year-end.

4- Protect Pensions by:

  • changing legislation to ensure that pensioners have priority over corporate elites in bankruptcy or restructuring.
  • Preventing executives from paying themselves bonuses while managing a company going through restructuring if the pension plan is not fully funded.
  • No longer forcing underfunded pension plans from being converted to annuities, something that currently locks in losses and results in workers getting less money.
  • Requiring companies to report the funding status of their pension plan.

“Seniors in Glengarry–Prescott–Russell deserve better than what Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are offering. We need to secure the future of our seniors.” concluded Mrs. McArthur.




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