Press release: Susan McArthur and the Conservatives have a plan to help farmers in Glengarry– Prescott–Russell

CASSELMAN, ON: The Conservative candidate in Glengarry–Prescott–Russell, Ms. Susan McArthur, is committed to the farming industry. She will protect and promote agriculture, everywhere, every time.

“The agriculture industry no longer has a voice in Ottawa. The Trudeau Government is letting our farmers down, while the pandemic showed how essential it is to rely on a strong and dynamic agri-food business”, said Ms. McArthur.

In summary, Susan McArthur and the Conservatives will:

  • Ensure the sale of a family farm to a family member is not taxed at a higher rate than a sale to a stranger.
  • Recognize the need for international farm workers and facilitate their timely entrance into Canada to work on Canadian farms.
  • Ensure our farm safety net programs are predictable, bankable, and manageable.
  • Reform Business Risk Management programs, particularly AgriInvest and AgriRecovery.
  • Re-elevate the position of Minister of Agriculture.
  • Make sure that decisions like labelling or the content of the Canadian Food Guide are made taking into account science and equity for our farmers.
  • Improve access to resources specialized in mental health (responders, psychologists…) and support projects to provide relief to farmers.
  • Work with the provinces to adopt a grocery supply code to deal with retailers’ abusive pricing and contracting practices against farmers, producers, and processors.
  • Work towards greater harmonization of farm product regulations with our trading partners, especially the United States.

Furthermore, Susan McArthur and the Conservatives will respect and defend supply management for our dairy and poultry farms. More specifically, they will:

  • Ensure that farming families are engaged in any trade negotiations or programs impacting the sector and that the Minister of Agriculture is at the table for those negotiations.
  • Finalize, within our first 100 days in office, compensation program for supply managed processors under CPTPP and CETA and negotiate a compensation package for farmers and processors impacted by CUSMA.
  • Work with the US Administration to remove the CUSMA limits on Canadian exports of powdered milk to third-party countries and establish reciprocal norms to ensure that our quality standards are respected

“Farmers in Glengarry– Prescott–Russell need a government that will listen to them. The Liberals let them down. I will work to secure the future of our farmers” concluded Ms. McArthur.



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